Impinging jets

Experimental setup Windtunnel

Canopy flows

12/03/2020Since the earth’s surface is always heterogeneous to some extent, the topography plays a significant role in the surface fluxes of momentum, heat, humidity and other quantities including dust and pollen. The variation of these fluxes as a result of land-atmosphere interactions has important implications for the hydrological cycle. These processes become even more relevant
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Open Positions (PostDoc, PhD, MSc), Heat transfer of co-axial pulsating impinging jet

12/03/2020For a research project funded by the Pazy Foundation in collaboration with Rafael – Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. and Assoc. Prof. B. Cukurel of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (Technion – IIT), we are looking for PhD, MSc students and PostDocs. The research topic is on the experimental investigation of flow field  and heat transfer
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Co-axial particle laden jet

Open Positions (PostDoc, PhD, MSc), Co-axial fiber-laden impinging jet

01/08/2019For a research project funded by the Israel Science Foundation (ISF), I am looking for PhD, MSc students and PostDocs. The research topic is on the experimental investigation of the flow field of a co-axial impinging turbulent jet, including particle-turbulence interactions. At the EMPFL we are experienced in using the most state-of-the-art measurement techniques such
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Lab crew

The crew!!

29/12/2018From left to right, top to bottom: Moti Raizner, Barak-Chaim Sabagh, Lior Eshbal, Rene van Hout Sofia Kuperman, Daniel Kovalev, Vladislav Rinsky
Impinging jets

Impinging jets

23/12/2018Impinging jets are used extensively in many heat and mass transfer applications found in industrial processes such as electronic component cooling, aircraft de-icing and turbine blade cooling. Impinging jets exhibit complex flow physics that is difficult to numerically simulate. In the present experiments, a round pulsating jet with uniform jet exit velocity was studied at
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Fiber orientation dynamics

23/12/2018Recently, we have studied the three-dimensional orientation dynamics (“tumbling” rates) of rigid heavy nylon fibers in isotropic turbulence.

At the Environmental Multi-Phase Flow Laboratory (EMPFL) a team of highly enthusiastic students are performing research in the broad field of fluid dynamics and heat transfer. The basic research projects have implications in both industrial as well as environmental processes.

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